Rectangular Live Edge Cutting Board- Contemporary Kitchen DecorOur products are made to last for years to come; however, every piece made by Scarlet Park can use some TLC . Please follow our product care instructions below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch again by e-mail at

General Care

Best practice for any piece takes a general precaution towards unusual environments.


As such, we recommend carefully hand washing our products instead of dishwashing. Remember each piece is handmade and hand-painted with food safe milk paint and lacquer creating a softer finish. We recommend surface clean with a soft cloth and quality cleaner specified for wood along the grain according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Twice a year, polish with a quality wooden furniture polish. Do not use aerosol cleaners or polishes, or oil-based, wax or abrasive polishes. If stains occur, blot immediately and apply a non-aerosol, non-abrasive wood cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Our marble products have two coats of waxy sealant which will provide basic protection; however, due to the porous nature of marble we advise you to be cautious with any spillages. A common assumption is that marble sealers "prevent" stains. This isn't exactly accurate as a sealer only slows the natural rate at which a stone absorbs a liquid.

Sealant does not prevent etching. This is physical damage to the stone and we therefore recommend using coasters, place mats or other surface protectors and avoiding contact with acidic and alkaline foods as best as possible.

To protect and maintain marble, we recommend purchasing a special marble cleaner and an additional sealant, both available at most hardware stores. We recommend re-sealing marble every 1 - 3 years. You can have it sealed either professionally or by yourself.


Need more information? Please get in touch with Scarlet Park Care, available 7 days a week at